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Facebook Marketing: 5 reasons why

We love the marketing game. Marketing is our favorite sport. And we can play it anywhere that nobody minds. One of our favorite venues is Facebook. Let us tell you why.

Facebook is the third most visited page on the Internet with over 2,38 billion active users every month, half of them in mobile devices. Everyone and some more have a profile there and 80 million businesses set up shop there.

More than just being there, your business should be promoted towards a target audience, your brand brought closer to the users, engaging with them. There are many benefits in creating a specific marketing plan for Facebook – the largest social network in the world – but we’ll just show you five.

1. Brand promotion and traffic generation

Social networks are informal by nature, what you see is what you get. Your brand can let its hair down, give up the tie and show a more sociable side. Display your personality and engage with users so they get to know you. Have a conversation with them and leave your sales pitch away for a while.

To engage with your followers, keep their following and establish a trusting relationship, you can use some of the most powerful content tools available on Facebook, besides posts with text and pictures, that should redirect them to your website and products:

Messenger bots, that can help your followers find the most important information about your business: location, schedule, bookings, prices, etc;

Live videos or videos made specifically for your followers. Good video content gets significant views and shares that justify completely the investment in their production;

Facebook Groups, dedicated to subjects regarding your products, repairs, tips and trades, for example;

Events, not to calculate the difference between those who said that were going and who really showed up, but to generate word of mouth effect through the notifications generated by the users when they signal their presence or interest in an event;

Show up and show off to your users. Organic posts won’t be enough, since Facebook’s algorithms will keep most content off your followers timelines. Use Facebook Ads to promote specific content and make your brand present in the the lives of the users that matter most to your business.

Find the differences between Facebook Ads and AdWords

2. Make Facebook a part of your sales funnel

What if Facebook was just more than just a checkpoint in your relationship with your customers but a full working shop? Instagram is experimenting with selling directing from the app, so that is also a possibility for Facebook in the near future.

For now, you can pump up your followers with the right content, lead them to your catalog and allow them to take the first step of the acquisition process within your page.

And Facebook helps businesses to direct the right product to the users that need it the most, as we’ll see in the next item.

3. Segmentation

User profiles on Facebook hold more than their personal information like date of birth so their friends don’t forget their birthday. Profiles include users likes and interests, their demographic profile, geographical location and language. And so much more…

This data allows the creation of campaigns tailored to specific types of customers.

4. Customer support

It’s been like this for ages: in case of discontentment, users will complain on social networks more often than they will use the appropriate channels made available by companies to do so.

Besides being able to offer immediate feedback to those who reach you through your Facebook page, you can react and manage crises that happen beyond your domains.

Mostly you’ll handle small issues and suggest better ways to use your products and services. You can use that information and assess new business and promotion opportunities for your corporate and communication strategies.

Your Facebook Groups can become of utmost importance for this.

5. Remarketing

Remarketing is quite a powerful tool. Never heard of it? It’s just making your campaign follow those who viewed your product but didn’t convert, across the internet. Ads promoting your brand and product will be displayed on the websites and apps viewed by the user, to remind him/her of them.

Remarketing uses display ads, that are cheaper, generates more leads and conversions, keeps the brand present in the user’s online activity and increases engagement.

You can create your remarketing campaign on Facebook and get those undecided users back and into your customer roster.

So you see, Facebook is filled with opportunities and features, that take your strategy beyond having a great business page.

Come out and play the marketing game with us on Facebook. We’re expecting you.

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