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The importance of being there

Your brand deserves much more than just a website and a Facebook page. With so many different channels and niche audiences, even a Tinder profile can be an option. But before you edit your profile to say how much you love long walks by the sea to watch the sunset, let’s see what options your brand has for an outstanding digital presence. And far more captivating.


Not an option, a must have, with a proper domain name. A website is your home, the official lair of your brand, your kingdom, the pivotal point of you digital identity and presence.

This is where your services and products are available, where you provide the tools your users need to acquire them, where you show who you are, your policies, your image.

Does your website need a makeover? Get in touch.

It’s where your blog is, that helps users reach their goals by sharing your knowledge and experience, showing them how to use your tools.  

Social networks

Everyone is at least in one. These are spaces for immediate interaction, of informal communication, a way of placing your brand in the hands of users, since they are in all the smartphones.

Social networks are quite different from one another, with specific rules and demands for each one of them. Facebook has a different target than Instagram, Snapchat is not like Tik Tok, and Twitter has nothing to do with Pinterest. And, for real, Tinder and other dating apps can be an option to consider. Knowing what is the social network preferred by your target audience, and the language of choice – more visual, playful, in comment form or structured posts – and how to use it, defines your global strategy and positioning.

Why should you promote your brand on Instagram?


A direct communication classic, newsletters are still one of the best and most important tools to keep in touch and develop relationships with our contacts, keeping pre-existing clients up to speed with the latest news, and by grabbing the attention of your potential customers from their inboxes, without waiting for social network serendipity or websurfing, but in more personalized fashion. Newsletters are perfect for calm, friendly, low intensity yet faithful realtionships.

Google Ads

With Google Ads you can tailor your message to fit a specific audience, when they most need your products or services. Google Ads can show in search results, social networks or in other websites, targeting those in need of your business.

Offline campaigns

You may have a digital presence, you may even have just digital products or services, but you are a part of people living out there in the real world.  

Organizing events and actions IRL can gather users around your brand if it provides experiences valuable (and fun) enough for them to share on social networks. Is your event Instagrammable? They will help you – by direct recommendation – create a conversation about your products amongst their followers.

And, even if the social media are all the rage, traditional media are still important. Press relations are at the core of the relationship with news media outlets, managing information to be presented adequately to the general public, and in a way that your brand reaches its goals.  

A feature about the event your brand is involved in is worth its value in page space or air time duration, so nothing must be left to chance.

Advantages of being there

Your company’s digital presence is the result of a combined strategy through different channels and formats that reach your potential clients. More than show it’s in the right place, your brand must assert its personality.

Audience segmentation, or showing the brand to the ones who need it (even if they never thought of it before) helps you reach your results more quickly. So don’t try to sell refrigerators to eskimos, most might not need them. Or should be considered now, global warming and all…

Your return on investment must be effective, because concrete results are what make a business grow. And by concrete results we mean sales.

Get in touch with us for a better digital presence. We like to go for long walks by the sea at sunset, and effective communication strategies.

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