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How to plan social media posts that matter and find their audience

Blog and social media posts are very important, they are the embodiment of your brand’s ideas, personality and identity. But how to stand out in a content saturated environment, take the lead instead of just being there and and convert your audience into customers?

Social media ads to the rescue.

what message

Message in a bottle

Many companies believe content marketing is like placing a note in a bottle, throw it into the sea and hope it reaches someone. Even if everyone is aware of the existence of the message, it is most likely no one will care or will just look at the bottle without even realizing it contains a message.

This renders content useless, after all that effort working out personality, tone, style, picking out the best images and the funniest jokes. Even if content is shared in an early stage, most posts will be forlorn in the social media sea without ever reaching its purpose: conversion.

How to go from a message in a bottle to a lighthouse that guides your audience to acquires your products and services?

Quality content

The first step is to create useful and captivating content for your audience, so they will share and and engage with it. The goal of creating content is to establish a relationship between brands and their customers. And do you know how do you maintain a relationship? By adding value, respecting our audience, listening to what they have to say. Content should reflect that.

Interesting and valuable content will generate positive feedback and increase engagement. Be it in your blog or social networks, your content should bring something useful and relevant into your target’s lives. Even if it’s just a little bit of fun.


Great content means a serious investment, both in planning as in production. To have return on that investment, an extra factor must be added for more relevance and reach. The one that turns it into a beacon.

Time for Social Media Ads.

Social Media Ads

Advertising in social networks is one of the most powerful tools to provide more visibility to your content, with a pretty nifty return on investment.

Ads on Facebook or Instagram extend the life and enhance the dynamics to your content. First, everyone is there; second, you can define your target to the most minute detail. A more exact process than casting your message out into the ocean.

It all starts in content creation and sharing it on social media. But some posts can be selected to have more presence in the timelines of some target audiences, identified by some particular characteristic or preference that makes them eligible for targeting, like gender, location or digital habits.

Theses targets are identified by collecting and analyzing intelligence gathered by Google Analytics and social media monitoring and other powerful tools that help establishing clearer and richer potential customer profiles. From that profile, you can design empathy maps and gear your content towards action.

With all this data available, you can filter and send the right messages to the groups that will engage more easily with them, and harbour them in the conversion process. And even those who stay out in the open waters can be targeted using remarketing strategies.

Go back to the beginning, create more content based on the results, and repeat.

We can guide you in this process, so that your content doesn’t get lost in the wild seas of social media. Just follow our beacon.

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