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How to choose the perfect web host

o melhor alojamento para o seu site

One of the hardest moments when building a digital presence is when the time comes to choose a web hosting service. But we’re here to help you understand what your website needs and suggest a great hosting provider. You’ll see it’s easier than finding an affordable apartment in the city centre.

Who are you?

We value self-knowledge. Know thyself and you’ll know what you need to reach your goal.

This may sound a bit esoteric but in fact it’s a practical question, and the first one to be made: who are you?

Are you a small business looking to set up an online shop? Are you expecting to grow and add new features to the website in the future? Do you just need a webpage to present mainly content, but is it static or dynamic? Do you need special features for your webpage? Is your website structure complex and long?

Define who you are, what you need and your long term goals. Now you are ready to make the first decisions.

Webhosting types

Your website can be hosted in three different ways:

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated server

Shared hosting is the most common solution amongst individual projects and simple websites, with few pages and low on features. Perfect for personal webpages, digital portfolios, blogs, and other projects who don’t need many resources and in the lower end of the visits scale, but not the best option for businesses looking to grow.

VPS hosting, or Virtual Private Server, is the standard option for moderately complex websites, with some special features, with a significant but not huge number of visitors. Easy to find at competitive prices, it’s perfect for your corporate website, online shop, or to develop other projects within your hosting account, in subdomains.

Dedicated servers have all the features and resources of a server that can be configured to the client’s needs. All this unlimited freedom and potential implies a higher cost, which puts them in the range of companies or institutions with complex websites and technical needs above average.

Standard features

Understanding webhosting plans descriptions can give you a headache. But you have to look out for some features.  

cPanel is the back office tool that gives access to most of the technical aspects of your hosting, from file management to databases. It’s the engine under the hood, and just like any responsible driver, it should be tuned only by pros.

A personalized email account helps you set your online. A customized email address with your domain attached is your digital business card..

Most servers come with a software installer  which allows you to quickly setup websites powered by popular web platforms, so you can develop your projects in no time, or experiment new one.


Your webhost will provide you with a home and also with an address. The domain should be included in the plan, if you don’t already have one. If you do, it will make incredibly simple to transfer it to your new home. The right domain name will identify your brand and help direct users to your business.

Find if the domain of your dreams is available.

Dedicated platforms

What kind of website are you building? There is always a platform for that, but we’ll be suggesting two, both very versatile and powerful, and with different purposes in mind.


WordPress is the most popular content management system on the web. It is used for personal blogs, online newspapers, digital portfolios, corporate websites, etc.

A good webhost provider will have tailored solutions for WordPress so you can start  immediately with the perfect settings to make the most out of this platform.



And what if you really need is an online shop? You can choose your hosting plan with this in mind, and go with a plan that includes the installation and management of a e-commerce platform like Prestashop.

More than 270 thousand online stores use Prestashop, an ecommerce platform designed for an advanced and safe experience  for users and businesses, with three goals in mind: develop, customize, sell.


A web host’s job is to provide the conditions to keep your website online, running safely, and smoothly. And, should an emergency occur, to be ready and available to solve all your problems.

All websites must have an SSL certificate to be deemed safe, so check the plan offers to see if they’re included. A good web hosting provider will also offer regular, automatic backups, frequent server maintenance and upgrades, because your business will surely grow and demand more advanced features.  

And last, but not least important, your web host should have an all round available technical support, that comprehends the clients issues. Whoever understands your doubts and provides the solution to your problems is a keeper.

Now that you know what you need, we know who you should talk to. Lynne is our go to web hosting solution for all of our projects, offering competitive and quality services.

Develop your project with us, and leave the technical part with them. All you need, in just one place.

Your online presence starts here.

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