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How to make your visitors stay

This will closely resemble a Miss Lonely Hearts relationship advice column. But it’s not. The kind of relationship we’ll address here is the one between your website and its visitors: how to attract them, how to make them stay. And, even better, how to keep them coming back.

And, who knows, maybe love has got to do with it, in the end. Let’s explain the three steps towards a more fulfilling relationship with your website users.

Attraction is the law

In order to get noticed, you need to stand out. You got to have visibility, and you can get it with the inherent value of your content: which keywords are present, what is your search result placement, where do your linkbacks come from.

Most of you potential suitors – sorry, users – searched for an answer by placing a question in a search engine, to solve a problem or fulfill a need. If your page is search engine ready, it will have a better performance in search results.

Social network engagement is also very important. Be where your potential clients are, so you can be seen, referenced and shared.

It’s far from a passive attitude. It’s an active organization of the strengths, identity and resources of your business, executed to court the right users, using the tools and mechanisms that guarantee the best placement in search results. It’s more than boosting traffic and visitor numbers, is attracting visitors that can turn into clients.

como atrair os seus utilizadores para o seu website


First impressions are everything. You can have all the goods your clients need, but if it’s all wrapped in bad design and dysfunctional elements, you’ll lose them. Well, the good ones will get away, the creeps always stay.

The Internet is futile and looks are everything. There, we’ve said it, and you know it’s true. The aesthetics of a webpage can influence the trust of a user in your product, in your company. Design – both of layout and user experience – is vital to keep users in your premises. Animations, videos, or interactive elements are as important as navigation speed.

The entry point in a webpage should satisfy the user’s needs. A search result for a specific product shouldn’t send the user to a contact page. If the user is trying to reach you, (s)he shouldn’t end up in a blog post. NAvigation should be clear and simple. The goal of the user must always come first.

And its experience should always be free from trouble. misdirections and misconceptions. Good design will prevent all this.

como manter os utilizadores na sua página

Conquest (no hearts broken)

The previous items are quite easy to follow, but, how to make them come back for more? Just like in real life. Keep interesting. Keep updated. Keep a fresh identity.

Have a long term strategy for social network engagement. Create new content regularly. Devise new tools to improve regular users’ experience.

Get close to them, speak their language, with the right words and visuals. Learn what they need and how you can get it for them, by allowing them to register their profiles and preferences. Send them little notes with exclusive secrets, in the form of a newsletter. Analyze their behavior, customize their experience.

To enrapture, listening is as or more important than speaking.

como fazer com que os seus utilizadores mantenham o contacto com a marca

At Zyrgon, we listen to both to our clients as we listen to theirs. We know how to use SEO, AdWords and social networks to place your website in the crosshairs of your potential patrons. We design pages who transform users into clients, appealing to eye, that provoke action. We create content and devise strategies to keep users coming back, because they find your website important for them, and not just a mere entry in the History sidebar.

That is the job of a digital agency: to create lasting relationships. And we always put a little bit of love in all we do. We’re listening.

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