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Copy – why is blog content so important?

A blog section should be a fundamental part of any company’s digital marketing strategy. But it is often ignored and misunderstood by brands who don’t realize is importance and why it should be handed over to an agency. A blog can make your brand more captivating and generate traffic and engagement with more effective and lasting effects than an ad displayed on the side of a website.

But how? A blog reflects the identity of a company and sets its target audience, it’s the company’s voice, the human side that speaks to the customers who want to know more about the general topic related to their products or services. A blog shows the public persona of the brand – more or less informal – but also shows off how much they are aware of who are their customers and what are their needs.

But if a blog shows off the brand’s personality, we can easily spot two inherent risks: either it doesn’t have one or it might be a bad one. It has to be done right.

A well planned blog doesn’t rely on copy/paste from other sources. It is written for people and not exclusively to search engine algorithms, although it has search visibility. A good blog has a distinctive voice, it is useful for its readers, and keeps the company’s website dynamic, fresh, always with new information to attract new customers and bring back the regulars. It should be original and appealing.

Copy, which is to say text, the words used to create the sorcery of sentences that convey more than information but ideas, concepts and feelings, if well written, will keep users longer on the website. If they’re strategically directed to your products, you can convert that stay in sales. And who is the main expert in the product or service? The company who makes them.

Example: recipes in food boxes. Who better than a cous cous maker to teach how to cook cous cous even if not only for the convenience factor? In the package we’ll have the link to the official website of the brand that has even more recipes. Those who end up on the website via search engine will not place “cous cous” in the search box but something like “cous cous recipes”.

The takeaway is: a blog will promote your product not for what it is but because of the experience it provides.

And quality content is shareable content. Authoritative, regular, good content is shared more frequently in social networks, directing more visitors to the brand’s website. And the mor links and references it includes, more visible they become in search engine results.

This allows to reach new audiences who didn’t even know that the company exists: they’re just regular people with a problem looking for a solution. The brand’s blog will present the solution – the product – and how to use in the most effective way. By establishing itself as a reference in its field of expertise, the company’s blog will amass a following, interested in the company’s affairs and subjects: its products.

You may hold the concept that writing is easy, but to mash words together to create a captivating personality instead of a pulp is specialized work. But that’s where we step in.

We at Zyrgon apply these and other more advanced ideas in creating blog content for our clients. One of them is Salão Musical de Lisboa, a several decade old music store for whom we developed their online presence and online store.

The lifespan of the blog articles allows to accumulate views in the long term, bringing new users that search music related questions that are addressed in the blog. Those who know and like the content are coming back for new articles, making them loyal to the brand. In business speak: more visitors convert in more sales.

Sexy content that defines brand personality while speaking to users’ heart is specialized work that deserves a thought out investment. At Zyrgon we create content that fits in the companies’ strategy and personality, with quality.

Get in touch and learn how we can give you the right voice.

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