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Does website performance matter?

Yes, performance matters. A digital communication strategy goes beyond having a good looking website. Actually, there are award winning websites that are exquisitely designed, but have a poor performance.

But what defines a website performance?

  • loading and navigation speed;
  • ease to interact;
  • responsiveness;

And the biggest indicator is conversion rate, which is also a result of these parameters

Bad websites give bad results, no matter how good your product is. Good websites are better placed in search results. Find out why.

performance e velocidade


Your digital strategy may be hindered by poor website development. Pages need more resources and features, so they take longer to load. According to KISSMetrics, 40% of the users abandon websites that take more than 3 seconds to load and just 1 second delay in page response may result in less 7% of the conversion rate.

Each milisecond counts for search engine page rankings and for users.

  • loading speed is the first differentiator in search results positioning and user permanence;
  • fast websites = lower bounce rates;
  • faster websites are easier to navigate; better navigation leads to better user experience;

Better access and navigation lead to higher conversion rates.

Because speed matters. Conversion rates fall drastically each second gone by. Pinterest observed an increase in traffic originating from search results and website sign ups when they reduces waiting time in 40%. Amazon lost 1% in sales for each 0.1 seconds of extra loading time.

Time is of the essence. 

Mobile First

Your website is not in the Internet, it’s everywhere. Most of online activity happens in mobile devices, anytime, anywhere. Get the most out of it with responsive websites.

In 2018, 79% of smartphone owners in the USA bought online using their device, while 80% saw products or visited online stores. If your website is not mobile ready, you are deemed to lose a more significant portion of potential clients.


Interactive elements like buttons or forms must be available and working as soon as the page loads. If the user sees them but can’t use them, the user will give up on you. 


A fast website that doesn’t convert is useless. Your website is the gateway to sell a product, present or provide a service, gather new contacts to start or maintain a more direct connection with potential clients.

Your strategy must privilege these goals:

  • Clear communication, with the user in mind;
  • Create different levels of communication, detailed towards a organized understanding of your message;
  • Use Call To Action to direct to the business goals
  • Reinforce business credibility with clients’ testimonials, based in real situations;
  • Customize the interactions with the client;

How to evaluate

There are tools to evaluate and detect performance problems of websites, that also provide suggestions for their resolution.

PageSpeed Insights

This tool from Google analyzes a website’s performance for mobile and desktop environments, and suggests ways to make them faster. Analyze your page with PageSpeed Insights for Chrome and find what is lagging you behind.

Impact Calculator Tool

Do you want to know how much more money your website could potentially make if it was 1 second faster? Google can test your website’s speed, compare it to your competition and show how much money you’re losing per loading second.

You didn’t like the results? Don’t worry. Test both the pages of the Internet giants and the competition’s and you’ll see they don’t have better results. It’s easy to understand why.

  • more features mean more code, hence more loading time;
  • more images and videos make websites heavier;
  • heavy, poorly planned structures;


Speed is just a part of the equation. The best solution is to have website designed according to the best practices, hosted in a quality provider.  

Best practices include:

  • simple page structures;
  • essential code only, trim down to what is necessary;
  • optimized images;
  • server configurations optimized for faster navigation;

Good planning and adequate design are as important as good hosting. If there was just a digital agency that could provide both services…

We are the team behind better performances. Get in touch.

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