E-commerce is the fastest growing segment online every year. With a digital store you can increase the volume of your business: it is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and accessible wherever there is an Internet connected device.

At Zyrgon we develop online stores that provide a secure shopping process for users, with easy-to-use store management tools for the sellers.

Bullet ZyrgonE-commerce platforms in Prestashop or Woo-commerce
Bullet ZyrgonCustom CMS
Bullet ZyrgonStore Management
Bullet ZyrgonClient management
Bullet ZyrgonProduct Management
Bullet ZyrgonPayment methods
Bullet ZyrgonAccessible and intuitive management panel

With an e-commerce platform, companies can get to know their customers better than ever before, using their purchase history to create specific offers, create custom discounts, make promotions for specific segments, or develop new business strategies.

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