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Google Shopping: the digital shopping mall that keeps getting better

Window shopping is on again. Digital window shopping, that is.

Hundreds of millions of people use Google to search for products, using their phones. Before purchasing, users analyze different options, compare them, filter them, and they can go through this process over and over until they make a decision.

To make that choice easier for consumers and increase sales for brands, Google presented earlier this year a set of new features that is going to change window shopping forever. And the pivot in this change is Google Shopping, the digital shopping mall where all the brands have their place and a chance to reach more people. Or, better yet, the right people. Let’s see what’s new.

google shopping homepage

For consumers

Users can access millions of products from stores around the world through Shopping, easily findable, starting from a a simple search like “running shoes”. Results can be filtered down to the most suitable offers and then compared to help consumers make their decision.

When the specific product (or products) is chosen, purchase can be made through the brand’s online store, or at the physical store closest to the user. Or through Google Shopping.

And here lies the innovation: Google can now be a part of the conversion process, if companies intend so.

Instead of redirecting users to the online store, users can clock on the shopping cart made available on Google Shopping and thus eliminate one step in the conversion process. Google works as a trust intermediary for consumers that never had the chance to interact with your brand before, vouching for you.


Shopping – as in Google’s and “the act of” – becomes a highly customized experience, providing users with a page built on their information to display products from their favorite brands, from stores located closer to them, with personalized filters, and access to reviews and product videos.

For companies

Retailers and brands will now be able to concentrate all of the conversion process in just one place, from ads to transactions, while they can diversify their presence throughout the many Google surfaces, like Assistant, Image Search or YouTube, reaching more potential customers.

Repeating or recurring acquisitions are easier to do, to keep your customers coming back, by creating tailored shopping carts based on previous shopping actions.

Google Shopping goes beyond digital commerce, it wants to take users into the physical locations too. Your business should be on Google’s business locations,and Shopping wants to direct your clients to you, even if it’s just to pick up the products they ordered online, making the process more convenient for them and providing a great opportunity for companies to engage one on one with their customers and get Customer Experience (CX) into play.


All you need is a product fees, a remarketing list and conversion following to launch your campaign.

novo google shopping

Google is rolling out Gallery Ads, that will be compatible with all of Google’s surfaces. Ads will be even more attractive, with a strong visual component, so users can find your products either on Search, Images or Discover.

And if you’re tired of handling the promotion of your retail products by yourselves, now it will be possible to establish partnerships between retailers and brands. Brands can promote priority products, making them more visible in retailer’s stores, while taking the brunt of the promotion costs, increasing traffic and sales of their partners.

This is one of the biggest changes ever in the e-commerce landscape, with unlimited benefits and potential.

You’re a click away from selling your products with the new Google Shopping. Everything will be easier, faster, safer, and your company can reach further, grow business volume and improve its presence and rapport with the target audience.

Get your store into the largest shopping mall of all time. Stop window-shopping, get in touch.

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