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Heatmaps – find your website’s hotspots

Heatmaps are a tool used to analyze how users interact with your website. They are a visual representation that charts the most clicked assets, the percentage of views of page estate, the most ignored or appealing elements. They use color gradients, going from red for the most popular, to blue, that signals the least.

This game of hot and cold comes in three different modes:

mapa scroll

Scroll heatmap: it shows the percentage of views down the page. Usually, it’s red hot on top since it’s the entrance point, and a cold blue bottom;

Move heatmap: shows how users’ mouse pointer wanders across the page and, in a way, what they are looking at;

Click heatmap: does as it says – where users are clicking and how many times.

These attention and engagement analysis charts are very useful to evaluate the quality of your web design and the purpose of its elements. Those elements’ formatting itself can enhance the user’s level of frustration or create chances for distraction.

These are some of the other issues a heatmap can highlight:

  • If the page gets colder as we scroll down, we may be burying valuable content that should be placed closer to the top;
  • If buttons are ignored, they may have placement or design flaws;
  • Users click on a word or a sentence in a text because it has a different formatting, being perceived as a link, when it’s not;
  • Whole sections are ignored because there are no clear links or don’t have enough visibility;
  • A Call To Action (CTA) is too shy or discreet to have conversion potential, or your webpage is crowded with large buttons in all caps yelling for attention, rendering them all invisible;
  • Um Call To Action (CTA) demasiado tímido ou discreto pode retirar potencial de conversão, assim como muitos CTAs na mesma página em botões grandes com letras garrafais;
  • A design not suited for mobile devices can stop users in their journey down the funnel;

Your content production strategy is also affected: if users are ignoring your video assets, you may have to reconsider their placement or format. Or you may realize long form beats shorter content.

Heatmaps paint an immediate picture of what is blocking or letting users flow across your website, which doorways are more inviting. The measure engagement, actions and attention, and pinpoint the spots that are hindering your page’s performance.

Do you want to check your website’s temperature? We have a thermometer and we’re not afraid to use it. Get in touch.

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