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Hotels – 5 ways to make the most of your own booking engine

A dedicated booking engine is a great feature for guests and hotels.

It helps guests to make a reservation directly with the hotel. It provides a world of opportunity to hotels that go far beyond than just cutting OTAs out of the search-and-book chain. By controlling online reservations you can customize your offers, get new customers from the universe of users who don’t finish the booking process, and promote your accommodation packages more aggressively.


But how can your booking engine drive sales?

Simple, straightforward and consistent

Instead of having 1,000 different packages, present the user with fewer options. The more the choice the greater the indecision will be, which implies more time, and more time increases the chance of giving up the process.

Keep the same name for your packages and promotions on all the sites they’re listed on, to easily recognize them no matter where they show up.


Don’t make your guests feel at home, but as members of an exclusive club, with unique offers available only through your website. The room rate for OTAs is set in advance, but you can offer extra perks to those who make the reservation directly with you: extra breakfast times, spa sessions with a discount, free golf lessons, laundry service, etc.

What if it’s really a club? A loyalty system can turn a guest into a member with access to discounts and extra services, only accessible through your booking engine.

The message is important

Provide a sense of urgency: the offer is time limited, the service is only available in the next hour, the available rooms are down to just a few. It’s an old but effective strategy that can be put to use in a positive way, focused on benefiting the agile and avoiding the negative scarcity logic (“last room!”). Promoting urgency gears users towards a more immediate action.

And since all booking engines always take some time to load, why not use those short waiting times to promote other packages? The goal is to keep the customer updated on offers that may interest them in the future while waiting for the next screen.

Get the tariffs up on the calendar

Your booking platform should show the availability and price of your accommodation in any date chosen by the user. Remember, your potential client is browsing other sites planning the best stay at the best price. If you provide them the information they need, that weekend reservation is only a click away.

Don’t let them leave without another offer

Many users are just window shopping, without really meaning to book that presidential suite on New Year’s Eve. After browsing through your rooms and extras, most will abandon the booking process.

But wait: before they check out, show them one more offer, like a promotion they can’t ignore, a loyalty package or suggest subscribing to your newsletter which will keep them updated with all the blog posts about holiday making, the secrets of the region where you’re located, and all the exclusive offers available to subscribers only.

Your hotel still doesn’t have its own booking system? Zyrgon developed one that covers all your needs.

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