Private jets and chicken coops

Good, quick, cheap. You can only pick two.

  1. Good and cheap won’t happen quickly (good and quick seldom go together, it shouldn’t even be considered)
  2. Good and quick won’t be cheap.
  3. Quick and cheap won’t be good.

But some say they’ll do it quick and well almost for nothing. Later, the ones who hire them, is surprised for the poor results. Quality has a price tag, every company should know that.

“Oh, but my nephew will do the same for free.” Awesome, hire your nephew. It’s all in the family and he’ll never leave his parents house. Ever. Which is not a problem, if that is what everybody wants.

The choice is up to  who’s hiring. To attain quality you need experts. And experts are people who invested and took their time to achieve higher quality standards, and that doesn’t come cheap. It’s not that hard to figure this one out.

Others will charge a too much for belated, poor quality work. But those are in the sphere of public works. Not all, but some.

“Ah, mas o meu sobrinho faz o mesmo de borla.” Ótimo, contratem os sobrinhos. Fica tudo em família e o sobrinho nunca sairá de casa dos pais. O que não tem problema, se é o que ele quer.

A escolha é de quem contrata. Para haver qualidade têm que haver especialistas. E os especialistas são pessoas que investiram e demoraram tempo até terem qualidade, logo, não são baratos. Não é difícil de perceber.

Há também quem faça caro, mau e devagar. Mas isso são outros interesses e obras públicas. Não todas, mas algumas.

To put a price on a service must take a lot of factors into account, that change accordingly to the patrons, that expect a customized service, and not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s like air travel. There are some differences between flying low cost in a third world company (one class only old planes, with roaming chickens aboard and  wings held by gaffer tape – sorry for the cliché) and travelling by private jet. The distance between these two realities is cost.

You can’t expect a luxury experience for the cost of flying in a winged chicken coop, no matter how glorious that sounds like. These experiences are not birds of a feather.

It’s all about attitude. Those who want it cheap will say it’s “an expense”. The ones who demand quality will define it as “an investment”.

Poor thinking will lead to poor results. So think good. And work with those who work well. Invest in good work, results will pay the investment. Those who work with us will vouch for it.

It’s been a while since we left our parent’s house. We still can’t afford a private jet but that’s not a priority. Quality is.

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