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What’s a landing page and what is it for

Do you know what a landing page is? And what purpose it serves? If you’re too embarrassed to ask, just click on the green button to get the answer on your inbox.

Ok, so there’s no green button in sight, but keep it in mind throughout this post.

What is a landing page?

All of these:

  • It’s a webpage that serves as an entry point to a specific section of a website;
  • It’s a webpage that prompts users to a specific action – buy, subscribe, contact us (the well known CTA – Call To Action);
  • It’s the webpage that converts visits into leads;

It’s where your website visitors land via newsletter, pop up or digital ad, and where they are greeted with a proposal requiring immediate action.

How to identify a landing page?

It’s usually a webpage with a jumbo-sized button and/or a form, accompanied by great copy enticing to click on the button and/or filling out the form to generate a specific action (shopping, subscribing, contacts):

  • Our product is on sale for the next 24 hours. GET YOUR PROMO CODE NOW
  • We have the the ideas that fit your business, and we want to share them with you. For FREE. SUBSCRIBE OUR NEWSLETTER NOW!
  • The digital strategies that work for us in one short and easy to read ebook. DOWNLOAD NOW.


  • Do you know what a landing page is and what is it for? If you’re too embarrassed to ask, just click on the green button to get the answer on your inbox.

Font type is usually jumbo sized too, hence the capitals.

The landing page design follows the visual identity of the brand, but it presents a bare bones structure, leading users into the desired action: to buy, to subscribe, to sign up.

“Hi, do this to get that. Just click.”


“Define X to get the right result for your profile”, being X a parameter like age, gender, location, weight, et al, related to the goal to achieve by the user. We can also narrow down that profile by adding Y and Z.

The goal is to present a simple and immediate interaction.

How to use a landing page?

By now you have already grasped the concept of landing page and its basic features. But when to use them and how?

The landing page is not a part of your website, it is an autonomous unit, created for specific moments and situations. Don’t mix them together, websites and landing pages are two separate entities. Landing pages must have a clear and unique purpose within your global digital communication strategy. And then there’s this common mistake: your landing page’s purpose is to solve the users’ problem and satisfy their needs. The focus is on them, not on your product or service.



The user is looking for the best webhosting provider for his website (problem). The webhost provider’s website shows all the info about the available offers, with detailed technical descriptions (solution). But they’re all too complicated to read and understand which is the right one for the users’ needs.

A possible landing page could display a short form to find out if the user needs to host a personal blog, an online store, an app, a complex gargantuan institutional website, or if he’s looking for a specific CMS. After checking the right boxes and providing an email address, the user would get a tailored response in his/hers inbox (lead).

The job of the landing page is to entice user’s action.  

Some think it’s just another template for webpages, but it’s so much more than that: it’s the direct path to solve a practical and urgent issue, with an attractive design. They can be available for two days or two years, but landing pages have a specific and important role in your digital campaigns.

Landing pages are pragmatic. It is not the theory behind the problem, but the solution to it. A well built, effective, landing page is goal oriented and displays the voice and identity of the brand whilst regarding the client’s needs.

“What is a landing page and what is it for? (add a ton of explanatory copy)”. Nope. This is a blog article, just like the one you’re reading.

How about (don’t forget to add the jumbo button and suitable graphics):

“Turn visits into profits, with one page. Find out how.”

Really, find out how your landing page can help your business take off. Get in touch.

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