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Hi, we’re Zyrgon and this is how we manage social media

Our clients frequently ask us questions when it comes to the social media management. We’re going to share a few and the according answers, so you can realize that managing a brand presence in social media is way more than just hitting like and watch gifs all day long. Of kittens. We love kittens too, but we only used them when they’re really justified. Like now.

redes sociais é mais do que ver gatinhos o dia todo

Now that we had this warm, satisfying moment of cuteness, let’s answer to your questions.

“Can we post content when we see fit, though you are in charge of social media management?”

Some clients like to be hands-on on social media and that is a sign they are looking forward to take part in the conversation between their company and its followers. But, sometimes, they deviate from the persona and the strategy defined with us, breaking the logic and coherence in the tone established for the brand.

Social media presence is part of a relationship strategy, to build empathy with your target. Sustaining a single voice is as essential to create identity and get the attention from communities as it is to have a unique voice. If several people post in the same profile, each one in it’s own style, identity construction will be compromised because it will confuse your followers. It’s great to show the many sides of your personality but let’s stay back from the multiple personalities.

The best option in these situations is to share the information you would like to post with us. We’ll fine tune it, apply the appropriate style and get it on the right time. Even as a choir, we must sound as one voice.

How do I get more followers faster than my competition?

Social networks are the perfect ecosystem to create and show off your brand identity, stimulating loyalship and establishing bonds between brands and their clients. Although some agencies buy followers as a strategy, we’re not for it. It doesn’t make any sense to communicate with fake accounts. We want a real audience, not a bunch of imaginary friends.

We’re for communicating your message with credibility and no hurries, to bet in interesting and relevant subjects. Don’t just be there, but be present, in the moment. If you are active and interactive it will be easier to get noticed and gain a solid following.

Remember: no relationship is built overnight, but once it is established, you will have the most loyal customers, the ones who follow you all the time, everywhere.

Can I ignore criticism and comments in my posts?

Social networks are quite similar to a pirate’s life: every approach can provoke damage, so you just have to know how to react.

It is inevitable to be criticized or get unflattering comments in your posts. Social networks are a public space, a place for sharing pictures, videos, news and also opinions. Which aren’t always favorable.

The most important thing to have in mind is what does your company stand for, what are its strengths and weaknesses, what provides value and what it can be improved. Thus, it will be easier to act quickly. The faster you respond, the quicker the problem will be under control. You should be open to opinion, engage in a dedicated and cooperative attitude, and acknowledge the sharing, no matter if it’s positive or negative.

At Zyrgon, we look at any communication as an opportunity to bond with users and reinforce the identity of the brands we work with. You are not lost at sea. We are your guiding star.

How frequently should I reply to my followers?

As quickly as possible! OK, speed is not frequency, but this is the right answer. If your followers have questions it’s because you got their attention. So, the faster the better.

In a different perspective, user feedback is a great way to improve the communication process. If several users ask you on Messenger what are the business hours, it means that information is not well presented. Of course we at Zyrgon would never let a detail like that go unnoticed, but it’s a sign that something needs improvement.

And if you can’t monitor you messages constantly, we can apply mechanisms that are always on the job and ready to provide the right information to your visitors.

How many times per week should I post?

Like with any quality product, you should make it scarce and very good. Posting should be made regularly and consistently, to avoid follower burn out.

The ideal number of posts on Instagram or Facebook depends on the type of content and the brand’s goals: an event can be shared as a Story, by collating different moments into one sequence. This way you won’t overload your Instagram grid nor you Facebook feed.

Dr.Zyrgon says “A post a day will bring followers to play”.

os nossos seguidores devem ser os nossos clientes

Where should I invest: Facebook or Instagram?

It all comes down to your type of business and target audience. Instagram grew fast and is very popular among younger audiences. It’s a highly visual social network, since it was designed to create and share still and moving images, generating more engagement opportunities in a higher rate than Facebook.

Facebook is the absolute leader in terms of users worldwide, but nowadays is headed towards publishing news and events. The best is to invest in both networks (and others) and adjust accordingly.

How to promote my business and convert followers into clients?

Your goal (and ours too) is to get your brand and products noticed. We help you choose the right tools to make it happen, and there are many to choose from.

Facebook Ads is a high precision tool to target specific audiences for each ad, selecting the users profile according to its online habits, age, gender and geolocation. But there are other ad tools as accurate as Facebook Ads.

Social networks are evolving to become social digital markets, with advanced sales mechanisms. Instagram recently announced the launch of Checkout, a feature that allows companies to sell their products within the social network’s environment.

What we do for you is to create an image that defines and reinforces your brand, so your presence in social media is converted into business.

tal e qual os nossos gestores de social media

Our social media manager

There are many other frequently asked questions, but to have the answers for those you‘ll have to get in touch with us.

Or with our social media manager.

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