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Online Stores: the advantages to checkout as guest

Some online stores don’t allow users to shop without an account, created locally or through a social network.

And some prospective buyers just give up if they’re forced to leave more than just their email and shipping address. The last thing they need is another online account, a new password to remember, or to have a specific product associated to their digital profile.

This is when the option to checkout as guest can benefit both the user and your business.

But what is the difference between having a customer account and buying as a guest?


Buying as a guest has many advantages:

  • It allows greater privacy, without having to share more personal information than needed, nor being targeted by the company in future campaigns;
  • It does not disrupt the acquisition process, going straight from product visualization to buying, without interrupting it to create an account;
  • Perfect for one-off or impulse buys;

Companies also benefit from this: allowing users to checkout as guests lowers the bounce rate during the shopping process in 35%.

The downside is that user data won’t be available for direct marketing and the chance to establish a more lasting relationship is minimal. Loved it, bought it, left it. No hard feelings

Customer Account

With a customer account, the user should have special benefits:

  • users can leave reviews and feedback;
  • they will have personalized support, if needed;
  • they will have access to offers, promotions or customized suggestions;
  • the ability to repeat orders from their history, for regular buyers;
  • billing and shipping data will be submitted only once;

Customer accounts provide a wealth of information, useful for companies to know their customers profile, from geographic and personal data. By knowing their shopping habits, companies can create targeted offers or promote specific items from the shopping or wishlist information too.

This will improve users’ experience, satisfy their expectations and needs, and helps to establish trust between brands and their customers.

The benefits of having a customer account should be reinforced and be a real advantage for users.

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Which option then?

Both types of registration mean different levels of interaction between your store and the customer. One solution will not fit all businesses.

Your store should be able to provide a great shopping experience both for guests and customers with an account, so they’ll return.

Your online store will always need:

  • a straightforward buying process;
  • an easy account creation feature;
  • benefits for registered users;
  • a strategy to turn one-off users to regulars;

To have a customer account is more than being just another client. It’s being a part of an exclusive group, with perks for their members. Create those perks and make your customers feel special.

That’s what we believe in here at Zyrgon. All of our clients know the benefits of a customized service, because we know each one of them by name.

Be more than our guest.. Discover the benefits of creating an account with us and be part of this exclusive group of successful brands.

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