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Best webcommerce solution: Shopify vs WooCommerce vs PrestaShop

Are you looking for the best webcommerce option for your business?Creating an online store is easier than you think, what is hard is to choose the platform that fits your needs. Let’s look at three of the most popular solutions in the market and find which one is the best for you.


What it is

Shopify’s motto is “Selling online has never been easier”, and they’re right. Shopify offers a full packaged product, ready for you to start your online business faster than it takes to insert your credit card number.

The monthly subscription includes hosting, domain name, dozens of ready to use page templates, unlimited bandwidth and product inventory, payment systems, gift card and discount features.



It’s an all in one solution, highly customizable, that doesn’t require advanced technical skills, and it is perfect for small to medium businesses. Very easy to use by anyone with a minimum training.



The monthly subscription can increase value drastically if new features are added. Shopify charges a payment fee, higher than the one applied by other traditional gateways. As a closed-source code platform, you’ll have to limit your options to the features offered by Shopify, and should you intend to migrate your store to another platform, you’ll run into some difficulties. And your online business management team will be up only to 15 people.



What it is

It’s the most popular e-commerce plugin/platform on the web. Integrated in the ever popular CMS WordPress, it is free and open source, with a multitude of features and plugins created by an active community of developers. It is a powerful, advanced, versatile solution.


WooCommmerce’s potential is virtually unlimited, and it has proven itself throughout the years. With thousands of page templates available, it is highly customizable. It is powered by its own CMS (WordPress), and you can pick from the thousands of plugins to expand the features of your store.

Its management system covers all the steps of the shopping process, from catalogue creation to product shipping, which makes Woocommerce perfect for medium/large companies with high business volume, who need to be in full control over their website.



It is technically demanding. It’s free, but requires server hosting and domain acquisition. Most of the best modules and plugins are paid, like those needed to create and manage membership, subscription, product pack creation or check out process optimization, which translates to a reasonable budget allocation in features only. They’re not expensive, but all summed up is a significant investment.

It helps to be acquainted with WordPress, although it has an easy learning curve. It is highly probable you’ll need specialized technical support during the installation and development of your website.


What is

PrestaShop was designed from scratch to be a dedicated e-commerce platform. It has all the features needed to create and manage an online store. Perfect for global businesses and companies who want to have full control over their digital store.



PrestaShop provides a high degree of freedom and customization. It is written in open source code, quite accessible and flexible, and can be tailored according to your needs. It is under constant development, to comply with the latest technological and safety demands. Yours and your customers’.


Just like WooCommerce, is technically demanding, requires server hosting and it has paid modules, that may amount to a significant initial investment


Each of these platforms presents awesome solutions for businesses of any kind, but they all have different demands. The pros and the cons are just pointers to help you evaluate your setting and needs when planning your online store and how they fit in your strategy and resource management.

We will help you in that process, from analysis to implementation and development of your online store. Check out what we have to offer. Get in touch.

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