Marketing DigitalQuando devo investir em Adwords?

Should you invest in Google Ads?

You must surely heard about Google Ads and how they have turned your competitors marketing strategy upside down. But what are Google Ads? And is your business ready for them?

Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) is one of the most popular paid advertising tools for online. Google Ads displays ads to users according to their profile and online habits across the different Google platforms and services. Which is to say, most of the Internet for the common user.

Can your business benefit from Google Ads?

Google Ads will help any business which has a fitting strategy, where they have a reason and a purpose: to improve brand visibility, create website traffic and actions (like shopping) or even generate phone call leads.

Depending on the type chosen campaign type, your Google Ads will show in the targeted users search results, Google Shopping suggestions, or in the advertising space made available by other websites and social networks. It is a smart way to put your business in touching distance of potential patrons.

Is my business ready for it?

Before launching a Google Ads campaign you need to check if your business complies with all the requirements to face a successful effort. If you chose to create a lead campaign, you must be sure you will reply to them fast and effectively.

Your website must also be ready to host your new potential clients. Run a quick check up for design issues, mobile compatibility, available and updated features like forms, shopping cart systems, and if they’re user friendly.

A good web hosting service will improve your website, performance and security, providing a better user experience.

Some of the optimal features recommended by Google for great websites are:

  • Clear copy, from header to body;
  • Mobile ready;
  • It shows the benefits of your product or service in a straightforward manner;
  • It has video, photographs and other images;
  • business contacts are visible;
  • ahas a compelling call to action;

users can find your business in other places beyond your website, like Google My Business.

Something lacking in your website? Maybe you should put it through a makeover.

And what about a landing page built specifically for your ad?

Users must find what they want right after clicking on the Google Ad. A target user profile must also be established, their needs and habits defined. By knowing who they are and what they want, we can reach them and know how to deal with them.


One of the most common reasons for concern for beginners is how much Google Ads will cost.

Advertisers pay per clicks (PPC) on the ad. The value per click will change according the budget of your direct competitors, the relevance of the ad for Google Search users, and the chances of converting the ad to sales

The campaign will work with a set monthly budget, that can be adapted according to the real time results of the ads. It’s a long way from a roadside billboard, which stays the same even if the strategy changes, and where you’ll never go from profiling your prospective clients beyond “people who drive by it”.

We at Zyrgon will help you build your Google Ads campaigns, by identifying all the external parameters and internal needs of your business, to give more visibility to your products and services with the right investment. From the target audience to your destination website, from creating the ad to performance evaluation.

People are looking for you.Get in touch, let’s meet them together.

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