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Reasons to redesign your website

You almost brand new website is looking so last year for sure. The digital ecosystem is a fluid, forever changing space, where what is new today is outdated tomorrow. Even if you have invested a lot of time and money building it, there are external factors that must be taken into account, that may compromise the role of a website is a brand’s digital strategy:

  • over 90% of users bounce off visually challenging web pages or that look outdated. “Visually challenging” meaning ugly;
  • search engines, social networks and other digital stakeholders frequently change the rules of the game;
  • technology evolves every day, both in programming and device demands;

There can be new changes created by you, like a new logo. Or a platform change or update in response to the growth of your business. Or to make users more comfortable and safe, and happier with their experience. A new strategy or product.

Redesigning a website goes beyond aesthetics. It’s a serious action that should be operated every couple of years. It’s an holistic process where all the total of bits and pieces make for more than the sum of its parts. But which bits are those?

Go to your web page and ask these questions.

Does it look modern?

All brands have – or should have – visual elements that define their identity: logos, fonts, color palettes.

These elements should be updated regularly. Even if the change is subtle, it will build up over time. Consider the evolution of Google’s logo.

The overall look of the website should follow those changes. Consider now the evolution of Google’s search page.

The vintage version had the same purpose as the current one, but new features were added. Design was changed to accommodate those features, without losing its visual simplicity. Would you do a search on a page looking like the original Google search?

Pictures, graphics, illustrations must be updated, thought over. There is more work done since that version, more stories to tell.

A modern and appealing design will prevent users to bounce off your website. If you don’t care about how you look it will feel like you don’t care about what you do, either.

Is it easy to use?

User’s experience should be simple and effective. Navigation should comply to their habits and the paths within the structure should be optimized to get them to where they want to be, faster.

The website should look the same whether on a computer or a mobile device. And it must look good on both.

Features must work: the forms behave correctly, shopping carts and check outs are safe, linear, and involve few steps. Social network sharing use the right social networks where you want to fish for new patrons.

Websites that are easy to navigate make users come back. They build trust.

Is the communication any good?

Content should be created for both users and search engine algorithms. Keyword choice must be updated and language tone adapted to the users personae.

Using analytics data you can learn how to improve your position in search engine results, whilst profiling your users, and understanding what they are looking for.

If you don’t have analytical and keyword tools maybe you should consider an overhaul on your website.

Does it serve your company’s purpose?

A website uses the right tools to reach the intended results.

Selling a product is different from promoting an event. Push a service in a local market is different than doing it globally.

It is of utmost importance to define that strategy and use the right tools to put it into practice.

Look at your website again. If your answer to any of these questions was “no”, then it is time for a makeover.

At Zyrgon we know why and how to redesign a website.

We’ll look at your website and present the most suitable solutions to update it according to the latest trends and technology.

Become new again. Have a chat with us.

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