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Born in 2009, in Barcelona, the largest city in the European Union, Zyrgon originated from the love of technology and the need to be where people are. Zyrgon started by developing websites in Erasmus student apartments. Five years later, and with a registered office in Lisbon, the company quickly realised that it wanted to build a future alongside consumers by creating a proximity and partnership relationship with its clients. Zyrgon, which has a registered office in Lisbon, has established itself as a digital agency since 2014, leaving its mark all over the world. In that same year, Portugal was getting out from a period of severe austerity, where the digital market played a strategic role in the growth of the Portuguese corporate fabric. Things moved fast from Web Development to Digital Marketing, therefore creating a solid structure that embraced the global flow of a brand in the digital ecosystem.

In 2016, Zyrgon went to Switzerland, where it represents own brand in the E-commerce sector, consolidating its first international experience. The versatility and competence of its multidisciplinary team allows for a solid development and growth supported by highly valuable clients, which led Zyrgon to start developing new projects in new areas, such as Digital Strategy, Social Media Management, E-mail Marketing, Brand Activation and Performance.

In 2019, the growing need for technology took Zyrgon to a technology fair in Serbia. This event was the start of the creation of an exclusive centre for the development and improvement of web products for the tourism market in Portugal and Latin America.
Zyrgon has been developing strategic projects in the Portuguese and Brazilian markets since its foundation. In 2020, the historical year of the pandemic, the company decided to start the most ambitious international project: the expansion of the brand to Brazil – and not even travel difficulties, countries in successive lock downs and a fragile world economy discouraged Zyrgon. The consolidated quality relationship with its Portuguese-Brazilian clients and its focus on digital strategy between Portugal and Brazil have contributed for a global brand activation and corporate expansion. The internationalization and globalisation of Zyrgon’s client portfolio made the company adopt a new name: “Zyrgon Network Group” – keeping its essence but expanding its horizons to new worlds and digital areas.

Currently, Zyrgon Network Group’s clients include public and public-private entities, as well as Portuguese brands that are represented abroad, particularly in the hospitality and residential tourism sectors. The Zyrgon Network Group has a team of about 40 people, distributed by four different countries, who work together, driven by the same goals, challenges, and professionalism as if they worked side by side.
Backed by its history of web development, the Zyrgon Network Group continues to grow, and takes pride in the creation of products that are highly specific and have top technical quality, promoting brands and turning sales global.

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