A handful full-service agency

We have a name from another planet, but we are very earth to earth.

Zyrgon is a full-service digital agency, which is to say that it dominates all the phases necessary for a digital campaign, from strategic analysis to its implementation and development.

We turn communication into action

Since 2014 we are present in three countries, working for world domination. With ease, we spend a lot of time learning about our customers’ business and defining the best strategies, channels and tools to use in your digital campaigns.

We like to explain the importance of a landing page, the value of a blog, of using social networks to reach a destination better than “farther”: to the right audience. We like to choose the most suitable platform for your business, the safest, the most effective. We like to take ideas and turn them into reality, to capture your spirit and materialize it, to go from intentions to results.

So, the world can wait, we are too busy converting your visits into sales.




Digital Marketing






Online store

Two in one

We have two distinct but integrated departments.

ZYRGON is the planet of the creatives, strategists, visual poets or, in pragmatic language, the copywriters, the marketing and communications consultants, the designers.

It also houses a tribe of fierce developers in developing and building websites and online stores, in integrating web solutions and in technical support.

LYNNE is where technology shapes the ideas. They are the responsible people for registering and managing domains, hosting websites and housing servers, the guardians of our projects.

As we do not live without each other, we share the same space in Alcântara, so that each project can count, from the beginning, with the specialized vision of each one.

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