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Swonkie: the best social media management tool ever! (for us and others too)

Can you manage your brand on social networks using just one platform, with advanced features for a higher performance? Of course you can.

Meet Swonkie, the social media management tool we use here at Zyrgon to develop our clients’ social presence. But Swonkie is more than a management platform, it is also a powerful analysis tool to evaluate not only your actions but also the competition’s. 

We spoke with João Cortinhas, one of the creators and head developers of this 100% portuguese project, that showed us what are the benefits of having just one tool to rule over social media.

What is Swonkie?

Swonkie is a powerful and all-round social media management platform for digital communication agencies, businesses and players. It is the most complete social media content management and creation platform in the market. It supports over 10 publishing platforms, from social media to blogs, and has a full integration with Instagram.

Community management and message replies are a strong feature, allowing an effective management of comments and messages by teams.

It is also an analysis tool, generating customized reports for Instagram and Facebook. Swonkie gives an overview of the competition in real time, with alerts regarding their activity, and by creating performance comparison reports.

Swonkie also looks for influencers, to find the best by industry, providing validation scores over their social network activity.

What are the benefits of using a social media management platform?

Swonkie saves an enormous amount of time, which reflects in social media management performance and cost. By using Swonkie, teams are more productive while managing different content. In addition, real time information allows to deal with a huge amount of data on the spot.

We bypass the confirmation emails, the giant report spreadsheets and the screengrabs. All of this in just one place, that declutters the social media management process.

Swonkie does all that to make it all so much easier.

How did you get this far? We know you had to cross a tank full of sharks.

Shark Tank Portugal was just the tip of the iceberg. We started there, got ourselves a business associate, and that was the best thing that could have ever happened. But it was just the beginning.

We have come a long way, by learning, changing, evolving and maturing as a business. Creating a startup is not as romantic as some might believe, neither is a stream of selfies on Instagram nor Medium blog posts about success, lifestyle or money.

Currently we have a sustainable company and, above all, a tight team focused in one strong, common goal: to build the best social media management tool in the market. We’re hungry for more.

Who are your clients and how do they use Swonkie?

We have many different types of clients. There are the hard publishers, that use Swonkie to post a huge amount of content and speed up that process, some posting over 3 thousand times a week, on different profiles and social networks.

There are clients that use Swonkie for its analytical side, to examine and control their data, with customized reports. We also have a meaningful amount of clients to reply to messages and comments.

In Portugal only we work with over 200 agencies. We’re the go to platform for 90% of the media publishers and also for many brands with a strong social presence.

Swonkie is more than a tool to post content on social media, it is also a powerful analytical tool. How does it work and how does it help improve a social media presence?

Quoting a cliché “If you can measure it, you can’t improve it”. Foremost, analysis serves to control the impact of content and enhance details that might slip through the cracks of the daily routine.

We have to use that collected intelligence to strengthen our business. Swonkie can determine which are the best times to increase my reach, what type of content creates more engagement, or which target provides more reach. Learning who is interested in my content and work that audience is fundamental. If organic reach keeps dropping constantly, we have to use that data in a practical way and get the most value from their interpretation.

Social networks are constantly changing the rules. How do you deal with that?

We have a dedicated team, always aware and available to be on top of all these changes, constantly. It is indeed a huge challenge, but that’s the beauty of the business. We know we can’t rest on our oars because tomorrow everything changes and we have to adapt, again.

Swonkie’s plans for the future?

From a product standpoint, we want to finish our development roadmap by the end of 2019. We don’t give up the goal of being the best social media management platform in the world, but we know that even by constantly innovating, we always have to be on step ahead and a step back of our competition, to examine it from all the angles.

Internationalization will take most of our effort, focus and energy. We feel we’re ready to take the leap forward into external markets.

At Zyrgon we always choose the best platforms to develop your social media presence, and be one step ahead of the competition, in strategy and daily actions. Like Swonkie’s team, were focused and have the hunger for more and better.

How about you? Take the leap, get in touch.

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