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Trends: Instagram shopping

Instagram has launched Checkout on Instagram, still in beta for some selected advertisers and visible only to users in the United States. Why did this caught our attention?

First: we’re always looking out for innovation.

Second: if this feature works (and there’s a good chance it will) the e-commerce game will change forever.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world, well appreciated by brands to promote their products, with a young audience with buying power, but quickly growing in all age groups.

Though with half the global users, Instagram has a higher engagement rate than Facebook, and Insta posts reach wider audiences, faster. Being a mainly visual social network makes it even more appealing.

And since it’s mobile native, it is everywhere and in the hands of everybody.

What could brands possibly ask more than placing their products in front of their followers’ eyes? The chance to sell without leaving Instagram.

That is what Checkout on Instagram is all about. Companies will be able to sell straight from their Instagram posts, via an embedded shopping cart.

Besides profiting from impulse buyers, Checkout on Instagram cuts down the number of steps to take between visualizing the product and acquiring it, something that meant leaving Instagram, look for the item in the official online store – or competing offers – and then complete the buying process.

Now users don’t even have to create an account on the online store, their Instagram account will do. That’s the gist of it.

Checkout instagram
instagram checkout

The implications are huge. All online commerce flow will be disrupted, leading to new strategies and mechanisms, meaning a bigger investment in social network positioning for brands. Because if Checkout on Instagram is a success, other social networks will follow.

But before considering leaving your online shops behind, remember this will be just one more option to sell your products and services, and not the only channel to do that.

Maybe it is time to go through a digital makeover or build a more powerful and effective online store. Be more than a social media profile but a digital entity with personality.

At Zyrgon we’re always on the lookout for the latest trends and news about the disruptive innovations that will change our clients’ game plan. We got it covered, so you can keep your eyes on the ball and be the best in your field.

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