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Website trends for 2019 – Part 2

In the first part of this article we showed you the freshest design trends for 2019. But you have to be in sync with the zeitgeist. Looking good is worthless if your brand doens’t act accordingly.

Design is the passive element in your brand’s communication. This second part will discuss the proactive side that makes communication better, richer, more effective. It’s what turns attractive into popular.

Excitement at your fingertips

The word is micro-interactions. More swipes, more visual events on clicks, likes. The social media app experience can be mimicked to your pages. Mobile device navigation should be at its best.


A bot is available 24/7 to help users reach their goal. A good bot has character and engages in conversation and promotes a better user experience, either if he intends to book a meeting, schedule a trip or buy something.

Half programming, half content creation, a top notch chatbot has a voice of its own and is an extension of your brand’s identity. They will be more present and up front and center in this years’ corporate pages.

Audio and visual content

More video equals higher visual dynamics, and more search engine points. Google is prioritizing webpages with video. Creating high quality videos can be expensive, but it’s a great investment if you know why and how it fits in your communication strategy.

2019 is also the year of the podcast. Podcasts are cheaper to create, but highly demanding. They’re not just radio shows to share online, they’re captivating audio productions for your followers. Brands can create their own podcast or sponsor those who they relate to.

Social positioning

Brands are taking their stand on social issues. Content about socially fracturing themes are going beyond the old media and going viral. Brands can capitalize on the debate.

Do you remember Gillette’s ad on toxic masculinity?

Words are golden

Writing is not an art. It’s control and technique. To know how to use the right words, in the right tone, using the adequate resources to create effective sentences that support and strengthen the idea to convey, is essential in every communication strategy.

More than grammar, rhetoric. With the right words users return, stay, act. Buy.

It doesn’t hurt to invest in someone who knows how to put those words in the right order.

We at Zyrgon are always ready to help brands make the right choices in design, content and strategy, to lift their digital presence Join us. Get in touch. .

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