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What is Remarketing?

Your digital campaign doesn’t end when user click on the “Buy” button. Some of them do not proceed to checkout, and many don’t even go beyond window shopping. They must be remembered of your products and services wherever they go on the web. It is time to activate remarketing.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is an effective and cheap solution to keep showing your products to the users who established contact with your online store but never got to convert those views into acquisitions.

Remarketing creates a new opportunity for the user to carry out that acquisition.

Why should you remarket?

Most people don’t buy the first time they see the product. Usually they contemplate their object of desire without declaring themselves with an “Add to cart” action. With remarketing we don’t let the product to slip out of sight but keep it in the mind of the user.

But there’s more to it:

  • remarketing delivers a huge conversion rate, because it targets users already interested in your product;
  • it recovers unfinished shopping processes;
  • even when the product is acquired, you can activate remarketing to suggest additional items, like accessories;

How does it work?

The process, step by step:

  • user views product;
  • user adds product to shopping cart, but keeps browsing before checking out. Sometimes the product is mentioned in other channels, or searched. Some put it back on the shelf, some leave their cart behind. No problem, the user is already marked since step one.
  • user keeps going about his business as usual, visiting websites, scrolling and swiping through social networks. The product the user didn’t buy keeps being displayed in ads. We might even throw in a special offer, if the user returns to finish the shopping process;
  • user comes back, repeats step one, goes to the second, but completes the process;
  • user makes the buy;
  • somewhere, in the Amazon forest, a nearly extinct butterfly leaves its cocoon and flies away.

In short, you convert a visitor into a customer, that had already viewed your webstore and almost got away. The butterfly was just a treat and is totally unrelated to the subject at hand.

Where can you remarket?

Google and Facebook are the biggest players in the digital ad business. Google’s display network reaches 90% of the total web users, Facebook has a file on everyone.

Both have powerful remarketing mechanisms, hence, both should be used. But now you’re doing the math and think that REmarketing with TWO providers will be like four times the investment.

In fact, remarketing will be cheaper than you expect, since it targets already interested users, and it has a lower cost with a higher return on investment. It’s an essential tool top make your digital campaigns even more effective.

We hope to have left you with butterflies in your stomach and eager to include remarketing in your strategy. Let’s show your product to the users again, or remind them there’s an abandoned shopping cart waiting for them.

Save your shopping carts. Get in touch.

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