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What is your brand’s personality?

Do you know your brand? Which fictional character defines it best? We’re not discussing brand identity, which is how the brand is recognized – Nike’s logo, even on its own, identifies the brand. We’re talking about character, the way users perceive the brand. But both personality and identity are connected.

The personality type displayed by the brand influences the relationship between the company and its clients: 71% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand if they feel some sort of emotional connection with it. Brand personality enhances that relationship, affecting they way the feel and how they engage with it.

A brand can present itself in many different ways, according to its target audiences and channels: it can use a more formal tone in the company’s website, but be more relaxed on social networks.

But how to define your brand’s personality? A quite effective yet simple way to decipher your brand is to play the extreme game. And, after the results, decide if you like or not, and where it can be improved.

Do the test, by picking one of the options:

brand personality

Your brand tone is:

  • formal
  • informal

You’d rather be:

  • sober
  • fun

Your company is,

  • disruptive
  • traditional

… known for

  • innovation
  • stability

Your stance is:

  • relaxed
  • pro

Your product or service is

  • inclusive (for everyone)
  • exclusive (just for a few)

Your style is

  • trendy
  • classic

Run this test on your brand but also on your competition, to find how is their personality through out the different channels they use, and what kind of performance they have.

Brand personality has implications on the different parts that make its character: the color scheme of the logo, website, stationary, and other graphic materials, can use lively colors to convey an energetic feeling. The absence of color can point towards minimalism and efficiency, but a saturated color pallette can give the idea of intensity.

Other elements, like fonts, go beyond text readability but also how people will read the brand: what would you think about a company that uses Comic Sans all over their website?

about comic sans
about comic sans again

Text and the chosen tone of voice will provide a lot of information about the personality of a brand: is it formal, relaxed or somewhere in between? Is it a strictly business approach or jokes are allowed?

Personality will show in the sum of all these – and other – parts.

We, at Zyrgon, try to be professional and business-like in a colorful, relaxed, and close to our customers way. We work with you to find which personality fits your business best, whether you have already found it, or not.

Get in touch.. We’d love to get to know you better.

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