Digital Strategynão esgote o budget da sua comunicação no logótipo

Your logo is worthless…without the experience it stands for

We see a lot of brands investing a lot in logos. Too much, even.

We understand it’s tempting to start designing a logo from the concept and name you came up with for your business but, to have a consistent brand, your logo should be your last concern: your brand’s personality should define your visual identity, and not the other way around.

Your consumers value more the feeling they get from engaging with your brand than the symbol that stands for it. That is why it is so essential brands know what users are saying about them.

There is no single marketing strategist or success company that says results happen thanks to a well designed logo. Obviously, this fundamental piece of visual identity must be created by an expert who knows how to represent symbolically who you are. Design belongs to designers, and hiring a good one is a sensible long term investment.

But your investment shouldn’t prioritize your logo design. While developing your brand’s identity, you should always focus on what your business stands for your customers and not on which graphic represents it.

Allocate your budget right

Your investment should target the quality of user experience, both online and offline. What they feel is important, whether it is safety, trust, joy, challenge, comfort, risk our whatever they’re looking for in your products and services.

Online, the experience is provided by the platforms that connect customers and companies – social networks, websites, apps – and the contents they hold. What you publish, where and how is more important than your logo.

Invest in creating proprietary content with an authoritative voice, with the right tone, in the right formats from video to gifs, from podcasts to blogs, in the channels where your target audience is. They say more than an icon.


Offline, the direct relationship between companies and customers is key. A bad day while delivering a service can hurt the image of a brand irreversibly, no matter how cute its logo is. Think about airlines and the commercial consequences when one of its planes has an accident. You can’t draw enough wings in their logo to make their business fly.

Customer experience can be more decisive than product quality. It is so important that there is a field in marketing dedicated to it, called (surprisingly) Customer Experience (CX).

CX analyzes and manages the engagement between clients and brands, to develop positive relationships between them. CX looks at the acquisition process and the environment around it, eliminating problems and unnecessary friction that hamper a rich, satisfying customer experience.

CX does a lot more, but this is not on the list: understand how customers relate to your logo.

Unless it creates misreadings or raises questions that hurt brand identity.

cuidado com os logótipos
Who to blame? The creator or the beholder?


If you remove your logo from your products your clients will still discuss their quality, how easy it was to purchase them and how well they were served. Invest in that part and turn customers into brand advocates.

Of course we don’t want your brand to have a generic visual identity. We just believe the quality of the roof is not defined by the color of its tiles. And the roof alone does not make a home.

At Zyrgon, we build visual identities for companies with character. Appearances matter, but actions are worth so much more.

Save time and money, give us priority. Get in touch.

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